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So you want to quit Smoking?  Here at Ecigr8, we are here to fully support you in every step of the way.  Quitting can be the most difficult thing to do by yourself but hopefully this guide will support you on your way to finally giving up once and for all.  So let’s explore the reasons for quitting, what options you have and why here at Ecigr8 we can hopefully help you in your journey in quitting.

Why Quit Smoking?

You may have asked yourself in the past why quit?  You enjoy smoking, you may not have any adverse effects or maybe you don’t feel you are strong enough to quit.  So to break it down to the fundamentals, I want to tell you the exact reason you should quit.


A cigarette is made up of around 600 ingredients by the time it gets to your hand, that is a hell of a lot of ingredients added to the simple tobacco plant before it is sold to you in stores.  Some notable ingredients include Tar, Arsenic, Ammonia, Diacetyl among many others.   Furthermore, once you start smoking, the cigarette then produces around 7000 chemicals including 69 that are known to cause cancer.  Once you start smoking you are inhaling carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Cyanide and even DDT.  Breaking it down to its fundamentals, this is what you willingly do every time you light up.  You wouldn’t willingly inhale any of these substances in any other form so ask yourself why do it for the pleasure?  That is down to the nicotine contained within the cigarette.

Forms of quitting smoking

So you have decided to quit altogether and are wondering what is the next step for you to take?  There are different ways you can quit so let’s go through them and see how exactly they work.

Cold Turkey

This is the one you may know the most about.  Simply putting the cigarettes down and never smoking again, sounds so easy reading it doesn’t it?  The highest repeat smokers quit use this method as you offer nothing to support your quitting.  The minute you are in a scenario you would smoke in, after a meal, when you wake up, after bad news etc, this is why it becomes difficult to curb cravings.  So without any support, you are the most likely to go back to smoking again.

Nicotine Patches

This one works in a very straightforward method.  The Patch is a self adhesive patch you place on your arm and it releases nicotine into the body over time to help with the cravings.  However this method only helps with the craving, not the habit, and when you feel like a cigarette then it won’t prevent you from lighting up.

Nicotine Gum

Another method similar to the patch which allows nicotine to enter the body to help curb cravings.  Simply chew when you get a craving and deal with it that way.  Again this only helps with the nicotine withdrawal and not with the habitual reason you were smoking.  So again Willpower plays a huge part in quitting with this method.


Vaping has been the root cause of the biggest source of people quitting and quitting first time over the past 5 years alone.  Offering to simply switch across to allow you to control your cravings when you want to, it offers the biggest source of support you can get from a quitting tool.  But why Vape?

Why Vape?

You may have heard about E-Cigarettes or Vaping as it is known as over the past few years.  Some people say it is just as bad, others believe the rumours but in fact, vaping is far safer than you would believe.  In fact the Department of Public Health England say that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking.  Don’t believe me?  Check it out on the link HERE.  There is a huge difference between smoking and vaping, let’s explore the basics of it.

What is vaping

Vaping is the act in which you can deliver nicotine into the body in a 95% safer way than smoking, which is down to the actual contents of the E-Liquid.  Instead of over 600 ingredients, Vaping contains a grand total of 4.  Propylene Glycol, commonly found in aerosol based medicine, Vegetable Glycerine which is sourced directly from vegetables as the name suggests, flavourings which have been tested prior to release and nicotine.  That is it, nothing else added to it whatsoever.  The way in which it works, the E-Cigarette heats up the liquid to allow you to inhale the nicotine much like a cigarette but does not give off any nasty chemicals in the process.  So there are no nasty cancer causing chemicals given off, at least none found in around 10 years of solid testing so far.


The easiest way to explain how it works is simply through the method in which it does this.  No matter the size/shape/type of E-Cigarette it fundamentally works in the same way.  There is simply a battery, tank and coil.  The battery powers the coil, which then heats up the liquid held in the tank and allows you to inhale the E-Liquid.  There is many different devices on the market but what one is best for you?

What device to choose?

So going from smoking to vaping is far easier than you may think.  Instead of having some huge cloud blowing machine as some people may think, it is actually much easier to use something designed to replicate the method of a cigarette instead.  I will tell you about 2 different methods that will be ideal for you quitting.

Pod system

The easiest way of vaping on the market today, you can pick yourself one up from ECigr8 today.  Basically the pod system is designed to be an all in one kit, giving you the battery/tank/coil in a very simple to use package.  It is low powered, you inhale much like you would do a cigarette and they can support using higher strength nicotine to help you quit first time.  The Pod system works by filling the little pod up and placing it inside the device, nothing else to it.  It can be charged via a USB port and the battery will last you all day, simply use when you feel the cravings coming on.


So if you want something extremely simple to use, no changing coils, no external batteries and a simple change and vape device then the pod system will be ideal for you.

MTL device

MTL (or mouth to lung) vaping is very much the same method used when smoking also.  The act of pulling the vapour (smoke) into your mouth before into your lungs and then exhaling.  So a mouth to lung device offers a tank that has replaceable coils, a tank part that can hold much more E-liquid and often requires a separate mod (battery) to use.  MTL kits have been around for as long as vaping has existed as it was the original form of vaping before the big cloud producing machines had even been released.  This can be a more complicated way of vaping compared to a pod system but the benefits are a higher capacity, bigger battery life and replacing of coils rather than whole pods.


If you want something that requires a small amount of maintenance but can provide longer battery life and possibly better flavour then this will be for you.

What E-Liquid to use

So once you have your device, the next question will be what liquid to use?  There are two different types of liquid, which I will detail below.  For a more in depth look at nicotine based E liquids, you can do so by reading our What are Nic Salts guide

Regular nicotine E-liquid

The most commonly found E-Liquid on the market, it is found in strengths between 3mg all the way to 18mg.  The lower the nicotine, the bigger the clouds so to speak so the 3mg is suited for bigger tanks and higher nicotine is based on moving from smoking to vaping such as yourself.  The advantages of using this method is the more freely availability of the nicotine in every range on the market today.  The disadvantage of using it is through the harsher hit at the high strengths which can make vaping slightly harder on the throat.

Nicotine Salt

Nicotine salt is what is quite new on the market right now but it offers a whole host of benefits over regular nicotine.  Here at ECigr8 we offer high quality nicotine salts that are available from a stockist near you.  The benefit of nicotine salt is the higher strengths that can be found compared to regular nicotine.  It offers a much smoother vape at higher strengths which makes replacing nicotine much more enjoyable compared to regular nicotine E-liquids.  Here at ECigr8, we offer bold and strong flavours in strengths that make quitting so much more enjoyable.  The only disadvantage of using nicotine salt is that it is limited to lower powered MTL devices but for quitting, these devices are ideal.

So now you are ready?

Hopefully now you have a much better understanding of how to quit smoking first time and enjoy it rather than make it difficult.  Vaping allows you to quit overnight and replace both the cravings and the habits of smoking but do so with a much more pleasant taste and a much more cost effective way of doing so.

eCigr8 Nic Salts

Here at ECigr8, we price our nicotine salt at only £2.99 RRP which makes our products significantly cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes and will allow you to give up all those nasty chemicals you are inhaling currently in the name of addiction.  Here at ECigr8, we are all former smokers who want to help and support vapers with high quality E-liquids to make giving up so much easier and enjoyable.

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