eCigr8 nic salts

The Next Generation of Nic Salts

Nic salts made with love & compassion. 

Why use Nic Salts?

At heart, nicotine salt is very much the same nicotine that is found in freebase. The one key difference with it however is the Benzoic acid that it contains which gives it a much smoother inhale when used in vaping. This is because the acid makes it much more neutral on the PH scale as a result of the lack of alkaline compared to regular nicotine. Furthermore it can be inhaled much easier at lower temperatures compared to standard freebase which makes it ideal for vapers who prefer to vape using the MTL style. Because of the smoother hit from the salts, it means higher doses can be used to deliver the same ‘hit’ that would be found in a cigarette without adding the harsher throat hit that standard nicotine has. Read More